Coreobics 360 – The single best exercise there is, is the one you’ll do.

  • The Coreobics 360 – the first solution to engage all of the core muscles with one piece of exercise equipment
  • The Patented Spring Gear provides resistance for bending, twisting, and rotating of the trunk either individually or in combination
  • All movements are performed without any adjustments to the device
  • The exerciser controls the range of motion according to their own flexibility and strength
  • Strengthen and Improve Core Flexibility but do no harm to the back.
  • Current solutions are very intense and better suited for more elite fitness athletes.
  • Other approaches often bring on an episode of back pain
  • Making Core Strengthening Exercise a sustainable life-long habit
  • Provide an exercise protocol  (range of motion and intensity) controlled by the exerciser

The best cure for back pain is to prevent it with a strong and flexible core.

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Coreobics 360 Benefits

  1. Increase core strength and flexibility
  2. Convenient and easy to use
  3. Safe for all fitness levels
  4. User controls intensity
  5. User controls range of motion
  6. Minimizes back strain
  7. Work your core while standing upright
  8. Sturdy health club quality equipment
  9. The foundation for your fitness program
  10. Combines core strength and aerobics in one exercise
  11. Easily establish your core fitness habit

The foundation for your fitness program!

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